traditional rice and organic introduction farm visit

Rice Fields Ploughing

Action packed bull-buffalo rides and races, water splash, farm land working, flooded rice fields ploughing  

Organic Plants Introduction

Learn about Balinese traditional farming and get to know about different organic plants for health and daily lives. See us up close working on our organic farms and get little involvement in the process. Farm visit on our working farm is a refreshing day out during your Bali holiday.

Farm Visit and Traditional Farming Introduction

Buffalo Riding on Rice Fields

Traditional Bali farming introduction

Balinese traditional farming visits, Organic plants introduction, Rice Fields Ploughing, Action packed bull-buffalo rides and races 

Open Daily from 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Working buffalo rice fields plough riding up close. Leisurely Bali bull races 

Only USD35 / Adult. Children Under 12 Year Old USD20

What's included:

1. Traditional and organic farming introduction

2. Rice paddy trekking around the farm

3. Buffalo riding rice fields ploughing

4. Mineral water or herbal / organic tea or organic coffee

5. Cooking introduction, Light snacks or light meal

What's excluded: 

  • Pick up and drop off

Where We Are

Jalan Melati IV Mekar Bhuana - Abiansemal - Badung