Bali Farm Cooking and Traditional Food


Bali Farm Cooking and Traditional Food

Gain knowledge and understanding about Bali's old school farm cooking. And how these Balinese traditional food related to Balinese daily life. 


Unique Food and Dishes

We won’t offer or cook you the so usual normal common dishes like nasi goreng or mie goring or spring roll or gado gado (you can find them anywhere, no need to come to us). Neither will we cook you weird food. No, not at all. All food and desserts are unique, interesting and authentic (if not indigenous) 


Delicious Desserts

Black rice pudding. Sticky whole grain black rice, coconut milk and toasted coconut, this warm rice pudding is creamy, sweet, a little savory, and very naturally coconut milked. It's dairy and gluten free, making it a great dessert