Organic Farm and Rice Farming

Unique Bali Farm

Bali Organic Farm and Rice Farming. Balinese traditional farming, farm cooking and dessert recipes introduction conducted at our beautifully landscaped open air farm site. On top of organic farming and rice farming excursion, get your hands into spice and dessert making and do it for yourself. Ride the water buffaloes doing some farm works. Pick fresh organic veggies from the bush, catch the fish from our fresh water fish farm and many more. You won't get bored.  Walking through the beautiful rice paddies around our farm site. Action packed bull-buffalo rides and races, water splash, farm land working, flooded rice fields ploughing. 

Traditional Organic and Rice Farming

Water Buffalo Rides and Races

Rice Paddy Trekking

Traditional Farm Cooking

Go Organic

Learn about how organic plants are grown and what they are for in daily lives

Traditional Desserts Making

Wouldn't you want to make this yummy black rice pudding?

Rice Harvesting or Rice Planting

Harvesting or Planting the Rice Depending on the Season

Unique farming and cooking

Buffalo Riding Rice Fields Ploughing

Thrilling, fun and safe

Fresh Water Fisihing

Catch the fresh fish for the day's lunch

Do It Yourself Balinese Cooking

Making fish satay with the help from our staff