Bali Organic Farm and Agricultural Research Package

Bali Farming and Agricultural Research Supports.


Would like to conduct a research? We are here to provide support and facilitate you within our abilities. Students, universities, NGOs and researchers from around the world and particularly locals are welcome.  Rice is a staple food for all classes in contemporary Bali and it holds the central place in our culture and and cuisine.  It shapes our landscape, sold at markets, served in most meals both as a savory and a sweet food. The importance of rice within our culture is demonstrated through the reverence of Dewi Sri, the rice Goddess. To Balinese, nothing such organic farm and non organic as this traditional organic farming has been practiced for thousands of years. If there have been some revivals of organic farming we are surely happy about it. New agricultural researches and assistance would certainly help. Welcome to our farming society. 

Traditional Bali Farming


Bali Organic Farming